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Expert Testimony Services


At Outsource Forensics, we have some of the industry's most experienced specialists in the digital forensics field. Our expertise has been tested and featured in trials in Northeast Ohio and across the United States. Our focus is to provide the most objective and fact-driven forensics analysis for your case.

Our forensics experts are CCFE-certified by IACRB, and have been trained and certified by digital forensics leaders, including WinHex and InfoSec. Our knowledge and training will be invaluable to you as you put together your case.

We offer subject-matter expert testimony in the areas of digital forensics, data recovery, eDiscovery, file system metadata, and more. Our professional team of experts will clearly and thoroughly explain the concepts and procedures for internal review, private depositions, or public trial.

We will ensure that you have all the supporting analysis you need. We will assist with explanation of evidence and breakdown of technical concepts, making sure you you can develop an excellent strategy for your case.

We are here to help

Expert testimony from knowledgeable professionals is essential. Contact us to get a customized action plan and price quote.

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