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Mobile Forensics


Have a suspicion?

We can uncover conversations, deleted files, timestamps, and more to give you a clear picture of what is really going on. With so much of our lives happening on our smartphones, the truth is right there, and we can counsel you on various methods and legalities pertaining to getting data off of a mobile device.

Have a case?

With our experienced experts, we can retrieve evidence from mobile devices including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more! We will work with your counsel to get as much evidence to help your case as possible.

Who we are

At Outsource Forensics, we have some of the industry's most experienced specialists in the digital forensics field. Our expertise has been tested and featured in trials in Northeast Ohio and across the United States. Our focus is to provide the most objective and fact-driven forensics analysis for your case.

Our forensics experts are CCFE-certified by IACRB, and have been trained and certified by digital forensics leaders, including WinHex and InfoSec. We never subcontract any of our work, and everything is done strictly in our in-house lab. The lab is equipped with the most sophisticated digital and mobile forensics equipment, as well as top-notch data recovery hardware and software to help us investigate the most difficult cases.

We are here to help

Our experts can help you figure out what might be hiding on that phone. Contact us to get a customized action plan and price quote.

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